Go from Sounding Unclear to Speaking Confidently in an American Accent
- for Immigrant Professionals 

Complimentary Accent Coaching Training Video

Katya made great use of short interactive sessions. She gave immediate and useful feedback and was always kind and patient as she did so – she has a wonderful sense of humor as well as deep expertise in accents. 

I have also tried to hire Katya for one or two of my own projects, but she is in high demand. I have also recommended her a number of times to friends and associates. Katya is a first-class accent coach.

“Katya is a first-class accent coach”

felipe pascual, LIFE & BUSINESS COACH


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How to confidently speak in American English

The single, most effective trick I use to make my consonants crystal clear

A powerful exercise that will help you build muscle memory to pronounce words accurately

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APPLY IT RIGHT AWAY - We’ll finish this video training with a prompt to help you test out your *new* English speaking skills. 

REMAIN TRUE TO YOU - At the end of the day, you just want to be understood, right? Learn how to speak intelligibly without having to change your cultural identity. Or sounding like a corporate robot.
You can be authentically you!

Imagine if you felt understood speaking in American English on the first take,
without repeating yourself. 

Speaking clear English can be easier than you think. All you need is to learn techniques that make words easier to pronounce & understand. 


Hi, I’m Katya! I’ve been accent-coaching for 8 years and have successfully worked with 120+ clients. My mission is to help ambitious, hard-working people (like you!) become confident English speakers, so that you never feel held back professionally by your accent.

From growing up in multicultural Miami to cherishing precious time with my grandfather who spoke 6 languages, I’ve always been fascinated by accents and languages. 

When I was in acting school, I fell in LOVE with learning accents for different characters! My friends would always ask me to help them and I even won first place in my college’s Phonetics Competition.  

I’m excited to help you transform from surviving to THRIVING in an English-speaking country, receive more advanced professional opportunities, deepen connections and understanding with others, and finally be perceived as *brilliant* as you actually are.

Let’s take the next step (or speak the next word) together!

Hi there!I'm Katya

Meet Your Accent Coach


This video training is for ESL/EFL creative professionals who are ready to learn the fastest way to improve speaking American English.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been trying for years through voice apps or classes— consider this video guide to be your cheat code for receiving better professional possibilities. 

Improve your American English with
3 techniques that’ll help you speak clearly & confidently.

You want your experience in America to lead you to better opportunities. After all, you’ve changed your entire life around to build one that at first felt impossible to do! However, learning how to speak clear American English has become harder than you thought, and you don't want
to feel held back in pursuing your dream career.

Let a trained accent coach (earning her MA in TESOL at USF)
help you speaking English clearly in less than 7 minutes.