Learn how to speak with clarity & confidence
in American English -
once and for all

Forget app services that make you repeat sounds over and over. Or impersonal online classes where you work with anonymous coaches.  

You’ve been struggling to learn the accent for years. It’s been exhausting and you may have felt like throwing in the towel countless times. Believe me, I understand: I learned Spanish and felt all the same accent frustrations you do.

But let me tell you - you CAN learn how to speak clearly & still be YOU.
I’ve successfully trained +120 people in becoming confident English speakers.

Accent coaching helps you finally *understand* English pronunciation, so you can focus on getting that new job opportunity, promotion, or hella high-fives for
your first-class work.

Here’s how I roll:

I like to get personal. As in, understanding exactly where you are in your English journey right now. What your native language sounds like and how that impacts your pronunciation. What you’ve been struggling with and where you want to go.

Based on that, we put together a personalized plan to get you where you want to go fast.

When we work together, you can expect to - 

Be Understood. Say goodbye to those blank stares you get when someone doesn’t understand something you said.

Get that job. Or promotion. Or pat on the back. Don't miss out on those well-deserved job opportunities.

Feel Confident. No more anxiousness before that big presentation to native English speakers. No more apologizing for your accent. 

My accent training service is for you if 

My accent training service is for you if 

My accent training service is for you if 

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I 100% recommend Katya! She was incredibly professional, fun, welcoming, and inclusive. A wonderful teacher in our community.

- Sarah Wahlen, HNA Academy

"She was incredibly professional, fun, welcoming, and inclusive."

Katya was extraordinarily kind, generous, and patient. She consistently strove to achieve a very high standard while also gently supporting me through all the bumps along the road. I cannot wait until our paths cross again!

- Vero Lecoq, Antioch University

“In our time together, she demonstrated the utmost care for me not only as a client, but as an individual and human being"

Accent Transformation
coaching packages

Accent Transformation

This is the option for you if you need to prepare for an event, like a presentation or interview.
In 6 sessions, I’ll help you overcome specific accent challenges, to boost your confidence and presence.

So you’ll hit it out of the park and speak with total clarity.
Get ready to impress.

Six 1-hour coaching sessions (available to be recorded)

Accent Transformation Plus

Want to master the English accent and speak confidently once and for all? THIS is the 12 session program you need.  We’ll look at pronunciation, breathing techniques and everything in between based on your particular needs.

I’ll teach you the tips and tricks actors have up their sleeves to quickly learn accents. 

This program is what most clients need to achieve the accent they want.

 Get ready to start getting compliments on your English left and right!

Twelve 1-hour coaching sessions (available to be recorded)

Total Accent Transformation

This is a total English turnaround that will create a total voice and confidence transformation.

 This 18 session program includes ALL the bells and whistles. We'll dive deep into mindset, vocal techniques. 

In Total Accent Transformation you’ll receive:

- a total accent transformation
- ongoing speaking support for securing a new position
- weekly exercises to keep you moving forward with confidence in public speaking 

Eighteen 1-hour coaching sessions (available to be recorded)

Ready to get started? 

This is where we make the change happen and get you speaking English with the clarity and confidence that will open up all kinds of opportunities.

I can work both in English and Spanish.

The cost of the Accent Breakthrough session (previous step) gets applied to any Accent Transformation package moving forward.

Ready to learn 3 Highly Effective Tips for Speaking American English
with ease?

Before you go!

In this complimentary video training, you’ll learn…

A little-known secret that makes or breaks the American accent
3 easy steps to improve your pronunciation
How to notice if you're doing it right - fast