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Accent Coach For CREATIVE Professionals Who Are Ready to MANIFEST Their DREAMS


Please, STOP.  

Becoming fluent in English has been a life-changing experience for you. 
But adopting an American accent as an adult is nearly impossible. 

Studies show that after eleven years old, once we hit puberty, 
We can learn a new language, but we likely won’t achieve a native-like accent. 

There are rare cases and clients who can, but it takes enormous effort. 

Your accent is stunning! It embodies your mother tongue, beautiful culture, and is something you should feel PROUD of. 

I have taught hundreds of actors who want to sound just like you! 
So when you work with me, we will not be reducing anything about you. 

The true goal with accent coaching is to increase your intelligibility
Not erase who you are, my friend. 

Do you feel like you should have mastered your American accent by now?

Here's the Good News

Accent coaching isn’t about giving up who you are – it’s about adding new sounds to your accent, so you can pronounce American English with ease. 

My personalized 1:1 accent coaching makes it possible for you to:

Learn to speak American English with clarity and confidence

Get 1:1 support and encouragement every step of the way

Get in-depth coaching based on where you're at and your unique needs

Open up new career possibilities

I want to deeply understand your personal situation and give you the exact support you need to get real, long-lasting results.

Ready to get started?

Close the voice training app for a sec – I’ll help you with the rest.

I’m Katya Landau! 

I help you become a clear and confident English speaker with 1:1 support based on YOUR unique needs.

Here’s something many non-native professionals misunderstand about accent coaching –

Accent coaching has nothing to do with LOSING your cultural identity, but everything to do with LEARNING the skill of clear pronunciation. 

When we work together in my 1:1 Accent Coaching, you can finally -

Speak with total confidence and clarity

Feel totally comfortable when speaking with native English speakers

Never have to repeat yourself or feel embarrassed because of your accent

Be at ease when making presentations at work

Not worry about being overlooked for that new job or promotion because people undervalue you

Hi there!I'm

Meet Your Accent Coach

I'm a professionally trained actress with 8 years of experience successfully working with +120 clients....

So I know what it takes to help you
start getting compliments on your excellent English in no time.

"Our pronunciation and accents have significantly improved, and our confidence in embracing a second language has grown."

As non-native English speakers, we struggled to achieve the correct pronunciation and often felt frustrated. However, Katya devoted time to researching our Mandarin-speaking habits and provided personalized guidance on how to adjust our speech when speaking English. In addition to her individualized instruction, she emphasized the importance of consistent practice. Thanks to Katya's coaching sessions, our pronunciation and accents have significantly improved, and our confidence in embracing a second language has grown.

In a nutshell, Katya is an empathic coach. Her professional guidance helped me understand the nuances of pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm. Her tailored exercises and resources provided me with practical tools to practice outside our sessions, which greatly accelerated my progress. I must say that the coaching experience has been truly enlightening. The techniques Katya introduced, such as focusing on individual sounds and practicing tongue placement, have been incredibly effective. Her ability to create a comfortable and supportive learning environment made every session enjoyable. I express my deepest appreciation for the impact that Katya has made on the English accent in the community.

"I must say that the coaching experience has been truly enlightening."

felipe pascual, LIFE & BUSINESS COACH

ranjith Satheshkumar, senior program manager,

Sophie Kuan, UX Designer 
+ Che-Han Yang, Registered Architect

Katya is a gem! I'm so grateful to have found her. She is such a mindful, graceful, knowledgeable, kind, and dedicated coach. She comes to all sessions well-prepared and takes the time to understand your individual needs. I have been making some very interesting discoveries with her on my voice-finding journey. She is also very generous in sharing resources and information. I look forward to our weekly sessions as they provide me with a supportive space to breathe deeply. 

"Katya is a gem! I'm so grateful to have found her. "

Sahar Assaf, Executive artistic director,
Golden Thread productions


01. Book a Call

Let’s chat and figure out if we’re a good fit to work together. I’ll ask you some questions, you can ask me whatever you want. If we both feel good about it, we can move forward and book an Accent Breakthrough session!

02. Accent Breakthrough Session

No pre-recorded, standardized exercises that have you repeating sounds like a machine. For 90 minutes, we’ll look into what’s going on with your accent and speech patterns. It's a safe space where we'll pinpoint exactly what you need to get the clarity you want. As in, the precise sounds you need to work on, things like voice techniques and anything else that will help you become a clear and confident English speaker.

03. Speak native English with total confidence fast

We dive into our coaching sessions and you say goodbye to frustration and embarrassment. 

And finally, let go of:

Hitting a wall when trying to speak English clearly
Trying voice apps and prerecorded generic videos with no results
Being undervalued because of your accent

Ready to start speaking? Great, no mic needed!
Click the button below to schedule a chat. 


Ready to learn 3 Highly Effective Tips for Speaking American English
with ease?

Before you go!

In this complimentary video training, you’ll learn…

A little-known secret that makes or breaks the American accent
3 easy steps to improve your pronunciation
How to notice if you're doing it right - fast

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